An Easy Decision

Something great happened this past weekend.


But first, I need to go back in time:  When I was in my early 20’s, I got my first “big” job after college working at Rockwell.  I lived with my parents in Belmont Shore for 2 years saving up and spending little.   It was  easy to accomplish this because I worked 6 days a week and was pretty much a non-partying wallflower.

I then bought a small 1-bedroom condo on Park Ave. just north of Wilson High School.  It was an “end” unit, very private and quiet. It was a secure building with a nice airy view.  I loved it there.  I have many wonderful memories from living there, including my husband proposing to me, and my bridal party getting ready for my wedding.  I lived there 6 years until I moved into my husband’s home.

Bridal Party

Getting ready for my wedding at my condo

I kept the condo and rented it out.  One family stayed over 10 years.  Even my son lived there for a year or two.

About 6 months ago, a couple I knew from long ago came into La Strada.  Their daughter Allison and my son Ryan had gone to catechism at St. Bartholomew together.  She was now in her 20’s and I had seen her a few times at charity functions since she was working as a fundraiser for Long Beach’s St. Mary’s hospital.

After I chatted with them for a bit, he pulled out a several-page printout.  It was a listing of all the owners of the units in the building on Park Ave.  Apparently Allison had tried to buy one of the units and it had fallen out of escrow.  She had fallen in love with the building and wanted to purchase a unit there.  Would I consider selling my unit to her?

Wow.  I had never thought of doing that.  I told him I would think about it.

We made arrangements for her to see my particular unit before proceeding to make sure that she would like it – she loved it.  She even liked the Formica and the olive green sink and stove. I had always tried to hide those, but now they are considered vintage, hip, and chic!





Allison in her new condo

It was an easy decision after that.  Here was a young girl in her 20’s, with her first professional job, living at home to save up money and wanting to make her first home purchase.  How perfect a situation had the universe created for me?  So perfect.  I got the ball rolling.

It took some time, as these things do, but last Saturday Allison picked up the keys.  And on Sunday she moved into her new home.

And I feel great.

xoxo Lisa

PS  Many happy memories Allison!


See you soon at my 2nd home, La Strada!



















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