Lisa Ramelow

Hi, and welcome to my world here!
I was well known in my community of Long Beach, CA as a long-time owner of an Italian restaurant named La Strada. I always joked that I was “cheating,” because I am not Italian, and I cannot cook! 
My favorite part of my business was the young people who worked for me – I was able to mentor so many kids from being teenagers to growing into adults. I loved it.
About 10 years ago, I began writing short stories on Facebook. 
I started off with what I called “The 3AM Report,” because I frequently had insomnia and was awake at that time. I shared my thoughts, sometimes about serious topics, and at times, I would just mention that I wished I had some potato chips in the middle of the night!
People loved it, and I began to have many followers of my writing.
I soon found that my writing brought more customers to my business than any kind of advertising.  And I absolutely loved doing it.
In 2021, I had an anniversary (of sorts) of the most difficult journey of my life – it had been a very sad time. I decided to take a chance, and document my experience. I had never written about it before, because I was “well-recovered” and I didn’t want anyone to feel sorry for me.
On January 3rd of 1991, my husband died suddenly. I was 33-years-old, with a 2-year-old and a newborn.
In January of 2020, I began writing 32 chapters, and posted a new one each day. The positive response of what had happened to me was overwhelming. 
Many people had also experienced loss, and shared their stories as well. 
In 2020, I decided to close my restaurant of 27 years so I could pursue other endeavors. 
I put the stories about my experience into a book, which I published in 2021: “A Kindness I Will Never Forget.”
I still reside in sunny Southern California. I have 2 grown children who I adore, Ryan and Hannah. And also a dog, named Gracie.
I continue to write humorous and heartfelt stories, and have a local following of over 5,000 readers. I hope to grow that audience with my website. 
I love writing! And I hope to soon begin a podcast. Stay tuned!