I’ve Been Known to Carry Syrup in my Purse

Apr 01, 2022 by Lisa Ramelow, in On Becoming an Author

My passion is writing short, non-fiction stories, about everyday life. I like to take the simplest or shortest topic, and write an entire story about it, always including humor and any lessons learned.

I was struggling to come up with a topic for my very first blog post,

I decided I would revisit this unique list given to me by my oldest and dearest friend, Michele. I thought it might give me some inspiration.


Michele had surprised me at my 60th birthday party; she told me she couldn’t make it, and I understood because she lives in Seattle and I live in Southern California.

But there she was! She had planned it perfectly; it was a great surprise!

But even better, was this very special gift she had given me: it was a few laminated pages held together with a pink satin ribbon. One page was full of photographs of the two of us growing up together. The other pages were what she titled, “60 Reasons Why I Love Lisa!”

I had laughed and cried as I read through all 60 on the list. It was one of the most beautiful gifts I had ever received.

I pulled Michele’s list from its special place in my nightstand and read through it once more.

I laughed and cried all over again.

I could write a story about each and every one of these 60 things, whether about the memory it brings up, or about the important things in life, like love and friendship.

Here are a few of my favorites:

27. She used to eat the stringed popcorn off our Christmas tree

53. She has been known to carry syrup in her purse

56. She’s very analytical and can always see both sides of an issue


I am now excited to begin my blog stories!

These will be my main categories:

My Best Heartfelt Stories – these will be stories of family … love, heartbreak, and all that being part of a family entails.

Life of a Restaurateur – these will be funny and crazy tales of what it was like to own and operate a restaurant for 27 years. My favorites are about my beloved employees, who I always referred to as “my kids.”

On Becoming an Author – I began writing 10 years ago, and it has brought me great peace and fulfillment. After closing my business, I published my first book.

All Things Shoes – I did not really discover my love of shoes until I was in my 40’s! But I think I have made up for lost time. And I have walked many a parade in beautiful satin high heels.

Travels (and Boyfriends) – I have a goal to visit all 50 of the United States, and as I do, I become a travel blogger. Oh, and the “Boyfriends”? I love to attend concerts, and I refer to the musicians in that way.

Keeping it Local – I was born and raised in Southern California and currently live in Long Beach. I enjoy detailing what is wonderful about where I live.

Say Goodnight Gracie – I recently took on a new adventure of rescuing a puppy! I am not a natural “dog-person” so I am learning a lot, and sharing it all along the way.

I hope you will read along.