A Kindness I will Never Forget

A Kindness I will Never Forget
A Young Widow's Story
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A Kindness I Will Never Forget tells the story of a young woman with a 2-year-old and a newborn, who suddenly becomes widowed at age 33. She explains the shock of coming home and finding her husband collapsed on her kitchen floor, of trying to save him, and of the futility of explaining his death to her young son. She details how she navigated her way from deep sorrow and shock, to once again beginning to live life with joy and celebration.

She remembers all of the small acts of kindness shown to her along the way; and how they lifted her up and inspired her to keep going, and to try to find a new way of living for herself and for her children. She discovers just how much determination she has within to survive her tragedy, and to find a way to move forward in the way her husband would have wanted.


979-8985380002 | December 8, 2021